We Have You Covered From

5 to 550 Tonnes

We Have You Covered From

5 to 550 Tonnes

About Calado

Calado Crane Rentals is a Manitoba owned company providing crane rentals, machinery moving and hoists rentals. With our extensive crane rental fleet and leading industry experience, we can take on our customers biggest challenges always being mindful of schedules and budgets.

Calado is COR Certified

Calado is proud to say we are a member of the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) Program. COR is the ultimate accreditation to verify companies that have implemented a comprehensive health and safety program.

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Crane Rentals

Calado Crane Rentals fleet can be readily mobilized and is equipped for quick response 24/7. Our operators are fully trained and qualified operating engineers ready to welcome any challenge our customers can provide.

Heavy Equipment Moving

Calado Crane has the rigging and moving experience to move all types of machinery and equipment. Trusted by leaders in industry, we are the go to people to relocate a single piece of machinery or an entire plant.

Hoist Rental

Calado Crane is home to the most comprehensive hoisting fleet in the prairies, which include Tornborg Construction Hoists with 5000lbs lifting capacity and material hoists with up to 3000lbs lifting capacity.

Tower Cranes

Calado Crane Rentals has in its fleet, a PK-200 tower crane. For construction projects requiring increased lifting capacities and site coverage, Tower Cranes have long been the equipment of choice.

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